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Changelog v2.0

- Implemented new vehicle system.
A totally new vehicle system, where you have various controllable features with your vehicle. You can buy a vehicle from Grotti's Dealership, then you have to upgrade it at the vehicle agency, Lock upgrade, Alarm upgrade, Registration (plate number), Install GPS, Install neon.
You can now give vehicle keys to any player, sell it to any player, and you still can sell it to the dealership. Cops can impound your vehicle and can add a ticket to your vehicle, you are able to get it freed by paying to cops a ticket price, and you can pay the vehicle ticket by paying it at the cityhall services.  Every player can own up to 2 vehicles, Gold VIPs 3 vehicles, and Platinum VIPs 4 vehicles.

- Implemented new vehicle agency.
Vehicle agency is located near to All Saints Hospital, where you can upgrade your vehicle, and you can start your career as a Mechanic
The mechanic career has totally changed to more realistic system, Where you have to buy components to do a service. There are three services available to a mechanic, repairing engine, repairing the body of a vehicle, or changing the vehicle color. You can buy components, but you have a limit space holding these components depends on your skills. The agency may be out of stock and it can be refilled by truckers. Players can contact the agency by calling (554). All available mechanic gonna have a message with the details, then you can contact the player who called and start your work by offering that player the service, then start spraying the vehicle for limit time. (TIME IS DEPENDENT ON THE SERVICE)

- Implemented new death system.
Players won't spawn to hospital after being dead, you are going to get injured, and you can be treated by medics. If there are no medics online you can just spawn at hospital immediately by using a command in-game.

- Implemented new drop system.
Any player drop a weapon, cocaine, or weed will have it dropped on the ground, where he or other player can pick it up again.

- Updated and implemented new fishing system.
The fishing system is now more realistic, where you can fish up to 10 fishes, then you can sell them at any market. 
You can catch: 
Fishes [Salmon, Shark, Sardine, Shrimp, Parrot Fish, Pollock, Orange Roughy, Swordfish, Butter Fish, or Surimi]
Money [From $1 to $2500]
Weapons [Shotgun with (1-15 ammo), Nitestick, or Bat]

-Updated the bank robbery system.
The robbery system has been changed to a more realistic situation. Two or more players can rob the bank together while there are five or more cops on duty. Where robbers should plant a C4 at the door of the safe, then start loading the cash, then delivering it at a place in order to receive the money.

-Updated the MDC.
The mobile data computer is more flexible and easy to use, it has various controllable options so it make it more realistic to cops.

-Implemented a moving bus.
It's not easy anymore to find an unlocked vehicle to drive, So you'll find a bus moving around desirable places with stops.

- Implemented new trucking company.
The trucking company is a place where to start your career as a trucker, where you can load and deliver various products, Light Products, Medium Products, Heavy Products, Illegal Products, and Gas. Products loading is dependent on your trucking skills, you can load products then you place them into your truck, then deliver them. Cops can pullover your truck to check the load so you can load at your own risk.

- Updated and implemented new weapon system.
It's not easy anymore to carry a weapon around San Andreas, Dealers have to do hard work to create or sell a weapon. They can load materials by the illegal truckers vehicles, to fill the stock of light, medium, and high materials. Dealers buy those materials and they can't carry much materials it's dependent on their skills aswell, then they can sell or create a weapon using screw drivers and crafting items.

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